IDPA Japan Design Award

Reality city & ideal home

by Ren Yuan

Projet Description

Reality city & ideal home Design company: Urumqi
Mingting Family Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Qitai, a border county in Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang, is a remote and small county in the northwest of the motherland. The geographically backward area, but because of its design, it is connected to the world. When the owner found us, the only appeal was that the designer could help her realize her "ideal home". This home must have modern facilities, the comfortable lighting of a star hotel, and unconventional and elegant furnishings. This is an exquisite residence in a modern city.
We first gave a complete definition of the home through the conceptual design plan, and then gradually enriched it through a series of content such as the layout, main material selection, and soft furnishings, and finally presented a full and warm home. Although a series of situations such as logistics suspension, environmental inspections, and statutory holiday breaks were encountered in the middle, they were all resolved satisfactorily.
The innovation of this case lies in the integration of the living room, dining room, and western kitchen, forming a new "social restaurant" model. The space area is enlarged visually; it is more convenient and modern in use. This not only allows the leveling space to have the configuration of the villa, but also greatly enriches the owner's lifestyle, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

Ren Yuan
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