IDPA Japan Design Award

Qinyuan – Yueliangzhai


Projet Description

Space is the container of life, and the house is arranged as comfortable and beautiful as imagined, so that the family can enjoy the coziness of life together.
When she saw the moon for the first time, she once said that "home should be a place where all complex elements should be discarded, simple, warm and comfortable. In front of the open and bright French windows, she can chat happily. Such a day is what she looks forward to most.". For her home, her requirement is that the space is open and spacious without any protruding sharp corners.
Therefore, we chose to start everything from demand, the overall clean and introverted highlighting the sense of space, looking for materials of different textures in the unity, and using the changes in light and materials to create an interesting and harmonious living experience space. At this point, the home of "accommodating crazy demons" has its embryonic form. The original relatively independent balcony and living room are opened structurally, the layout of the living room is enlarged, and the space is kept open as a whole. Introduce natural light to make lighting better. When entering the house, it is open, and the kd board material of the entire aisle is extended to the top of the hall to define the space division relationship.
The four doors on the aisle are hidden in the wall panel material. The gray stone-grained floor makes the space calm, the wood-colored wall panels coordinate the temperature, and the strip lights increase the interest of the space and enhance the integrity of the wall. In this space, material and light are the main theme. Different lights can bring different atmospheres to the home.
In the separated regional relationship between the balcony and the guest dining room, we use columns to connect the space, and the open layout tries to avoid sharp edges and corners, so as to provide children with a safe activity space.


桃弥空间设计是一家专注于室内空间设计的专业设计机构,服务包括私宅设计、精装改造、商业空间、精湛施工。 团队人均资历10年以上,创立至今,曾获得过营造家奖、筑巢奖、PChouse全国时尚设计 100强等奖项;作品多次荣登中央电视台CCTV2《交换空间》空间榜样栏目。作品多次刊登于《ELLEDECO家居廊》《时尚家居》《瑞丽家居》等杂志刊物。 我们致力用空间帮助屋主表达生活的态度,实现心中理想家。

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