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International Design Pioneer Award

Qin Han Legacy (Anyang Tourist Service Center)

by Bingchuan Liu

Project Description

This project is the Zhongyuan Hotel in Anyang City. It is a regional municipal four-star hotel project. The project contains a lot of local culture. Although Anyang is the most excavated place in Anyang after Pan Geng moved to Yin. It is also the birthplace of Chinese characters. But the history of Anyang is also changing over time. The name of the plan is the legacy of the Qin and Han Dynasties, which is derived from the name of the place name of Anyang. In history, the name of Anyang was called for a total of 947 years. Since King Zhaoxiang of Qin defeated Zhaoyi of Wei, he changed the name of Ning Xinzhong to Anyang. Therefore, from Qin, Han, the Three Kingdoms, the two Jin Dynasties, until the end of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Emperor Sui Wen Pingding Yu Chijiong changed his name to Xiangzhou. After a total of 837 years, Qin was renamed Event Node. Therefore, the plan adopts the style of the Qin and Han Dynasties. The wind is the folk customs. Therefore, it is called the legacy of the Qin and Han Dynasties.
Program analysis Source of inspiration The overall plan adopts the integration of mountains and rivers, rivers, central axis, Wenwuguan hat, Xuanniao and Anyang Old Town's classic Jiufu Eighteen Lane 72 Hutong culture with a sense of future and two-dimensional culture to form a new national style. The author himself named the new style Saibo national style. At the same time, the two-dimensional and comic culture were designed for the first time in China.
The courtyard:
In the courtyard, the combination of brush and umbrella reflects the classic Chinese culture and art. Such as the White Lady and Xu Xian on the West Lake. The floor lamp on the ground is designed with an oracle bone pattern. Oracle, which comes from all directions, welcomes guests from all over the world.
On the left is the banquet building, and the appearance adopts the shape of Jueben crown. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the title was a symbol of the title, and its status was extraordinary. The appearance of the building symbolizes all directions, which means welcoming Western guests and visitors from all over the world.
Opposite the banquet building is the auditorium. The appearance is designed with the Jinxian crown. At the same time, it integrates the shape of locusts. The Jinxian crown is a symbol of high-level civil servants in the Han Dynasty. Form a text and a martial arts with the opposite Jueben crown. At the same time, locusts symbolized imperial power in ancient times. There is a saying that if locusts are prosperous, it will be prosperous. There is a story of locust plague in the Taizong Chronicle. The people said that it is easy to have a disaster if it can't be eaten or eliminated. Taizong Li Shimin personally ate locusts and wanted to take the disaster to himself. Therefore, it draws on the integration of history and culture to form a unique shape. The use of dazzling glass symbolizes art. The folding part combined with the top is like a blackbird flying out of a folding fan.
The whole artificial lake in the courtyard is designed with Xuanwu. Improve the overall space aura. The central pig cage is a combination of jade and bronze. The Anyang pig cage culture originated from the pig cage in the tomb of Fuhao excavated in 1973. It is also a symbol of Anyang Yin Ruins, which also symbolizes Anyang culture. Bronze developed to its peak during the period of Yin Shang and Wuding. Therefore, the pig cage is designed with bronze.
There are two round pavilions on both sides of the central stage of the lake. From the sky, it looks like the two hat wings of Prime Minister Turtle. The water flows down from above, which means that money is rolling in. At the same time, the top trees can be nourished for a long time as a symbol of vitality.
Huxin Island, located in the heart of Xuanwu, is the scene of the lawn wedding. Xuanwu's longevity is long because the heart is slow, so the heart position is one for the sincerity of love, and the other is for a long time. The moon is fused with peach branches at the wedding site. The moon means the old moon, and the peach branch symbolizes the luck of peach blossoms. The two combine to form a branch under the moon.
The VIP building next to it adopts the vertical shape of the combination of mountains and rivers and shadow play culture to make the whole feeling mysterious, and different positions give people different feelings. Look at the peak on the side of the mountain.
VIP Building:
The background of the hall reflects the four spirits of Anyang. From left to right, there are the Text Museum, Yin Ruins, Red Flag Canal and Wenfeng Pagoda. The Word Museum symbolizes that Anyang is the birthplace of words. Yin Ruins reflects the long history of Anyang. The Red Flag Canal embodies Chairman Mao's "fighting with the sky and the endless joy of fighting with the earth, showing the fearless spirit of the people of Linzhou fighting against the sky and the earth."
The real name of The headlights at the top are 72 alleys in the Eighteenth Lanes of Jiufu. It originated from the establishment of the old city of Zhangdefu in the second year of Zhu Yuanzhang and Hongwu. It reflects the culture of the old city. The light and shadow of the lamps are thrown to the ground. It makes people feel the shocking effect of heaven and earth.

Bingchuan Liu

Zhengzhou University Computer Multimedia Art Design (Undergraduate);
From February to now, Anyang Glacier Decoration Co., Ltd. (design director) company management, design department management, overall plan formulation.
2019.9-Anyang Yanjia Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. legal person, shareholder (design director) company management, design department management, management, management of the overall plan formulation.
Honors: 2020 Design Person of the Year.
Huading Award of the Expo: 2019~2020 Top Ten Most Original Designers in China's Architectural Decoration Industry (Villas and Luxury Space);
2020 CBDA China Soft Decoration Art Festival: Outstanding Young Designers in China's Space Decoration Industry in 2020;
Expert Consultant of China Elite Designer International Club; Registered Senior Interior Architect;
Senior Architectural Decoration Engineering Designer;
National second-level lighting designer;
Representative works: Four-star Hotel Tourist Service Center "Original Zhongyuan Hotel" Golden Moon Holiday Hotel "Dengfeng Shaolin Temple Shi Xiaolong Performance Wutang" "Zhengzhou Jinshui Road in the Waterside Bath Center" "Zhengzhou Zijingshan Hotel Red Wine Tasting Center" "Phoenix City 601 Overall Design" Big House "Kangxin" Villa "Penglai" Villa "Jingju" Big House "Huiying" Villa "Fuchun Mountain House" Villa "MC-My World" Big House "Honghu"。

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