IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Qiaoxiang Dai Dehong Restaurant

by Yunnan Adi Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Beautiful Fragrance Dai, Dehong Flavor Pavilion is located in Wanhong Road. It mainly serves the white-collar workers who like Dai flavor. It is designed to find a natural dining atmosphere in a bamboo forest. Hope that everyone who enters the space can find their own precise tranquility, find the harmonious distance between people and find the key to open their hearts;Bamboo forest is the concept of entrance doorway and indoor space.In the moment of stepping into the space, a bamboo forest is suddenly seen, and peacocks play in the bamboo forest, the noise is retreated, and a quiet alternative;With bamboo as the theme, it is integrated into the interior through the construction of bamboo forests. The reflection of the top mirror extends the space boundaries. It is hoped that the material space will be used as the carrier to show the ideological function of space as the desire for fame and wealth in the urban jungle, and people's self-loss anxiety will find spiritual sustenance.
The bamboo building is used at the entrance. The whole interior adopts circular moving lines and changing scenery. The natural conflicts between bamboo forest and clear water concrete are contrasted with the times. The intersection of clear water concrete and bamboo joints forms the intersection of scenery and shadows between halls and bags. The partition of the card seat is also the color contrast of the fusion of green wave and bamboo joints. Passing through the bamboo forest to enter the private room, peacock blue and bamboo lanterns, as well as the light and shadow of the bamboo wall in clear water are interlaced, so as to enter the Dai family, experience the warm and hospitable dining experience and enjoy life.

Yunnan Adi Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
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