IDPA Japan Design Award

Qian Lu Art Studio


Projet Description

1. Reach
Memory is a wonderful experience, and the good ones we remember all the time even for the rest of our lives. How we experience space depends mostly on how we reach the space.
The spatial scale is measuring the physical boundary, and the spatial interest is the spiritual experience. Designers mostly hope to change the inner feeling into the external power, with the space, cared more about people's feelings. Creating a dream room in space to emphasize the change of spatial feeling by the change of spatial scale.
At the entrance of space arrival, the designer breaks through the style of traditional space, entering from small space to large space. After the initial experience and several steps of retracing, the designer suddenly becomes enlightened and returns to small space, walking in the varied levels, feeling the tension of emotions in different situations.
Diffuse light and shadow, smeared with elegant colors. The colors also create a pleasant color space, people sit in the space with Morandi's color, the body and the soul can be relaxing.
Bold attempts to clash colors also bring a more wonderful experience to the space. Different colors converge here, and the complete space color restores the appearance of light, meanwhile hopes that people can find the essence of them own.
This is not only a color space but also a space can hold people’s emotion.
2. Symbiosis
Space is the beauty of nature, art and the perfect fusion of nature and art.
A garden should be poetic, mysterious, calm, pleasant and natural be in harmony are an organic integration. A man-made space should add purity and intelligence again based on its foundation. The divine should be everywhere in this space. People look for art in nature and also can feel nature in art.
The spirituality of deer is in harmony with the nature of art. Art greatly inspires people's childlike innocence. The antlers of blooming flowers attract people to stop, but they have a strong sense of movement in a static state. The designer uses "quietness" to form the scale of space, uses "movement" to highlight the nature, understands the intelligence in antlers, sees the innocence in flowers, and uses flowers as the blooming classics to symbolize the regeneration of art. Deer is the main carrier of natural, but not the only one, and here horse racing, squirrels hunting for food, forest, towering castle, natural turns back in the space, art makes the space more valuable.
So standing quiet, viewing flowers and paintings, the acting such as enjoy the aesthetics.
3. Creating a space
Design, is to create a space; Art is the pursuit of dreams.
A space with extremely strong design feelings, is to build a dream for all viewers.
The integration of space with calligraphy, painting, sculpture and other elements interprets the concept of modern aesthetics, creates a progressive relationship between space and human emotions. Places a variety of arts in one place to achieve symbiotic and complementary art space.
space active life, also is the view of art.
To build a bridge that connecting designers and participants, thinking for the details of life, this is a better and happy way which art brings to people and also to the world.


E.SPACE DESIGN is a new design brand established in 2017 for the purpose of providing high-end design services. It is a boutique interior design company that emphasizes space situation research and space strategy, "One for infinity, without boundaries for direction" is the company's core philosophy.  Interpret "Oriental aesthetics" with open mind. Focusing on providing high-end real estate, boutique hotels, commercial space, top residential and other fields of interior design, FF&E design, FF&E procurement services.

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