IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Poly Purple Mountain Villa

by VSA

Projet Description

Project Name | Poly Purple Mountain Villa
Interior Design | OUYANG DESIGN
Project Area | 1,500 m2
Service Scope | Architecture design, interior design, lighting design, design consultant
Main Materials | Marble, imported floor tile, copper, solid wood, art resin plate, cloth art hard decoration

- Foreword -
Time’s home,
A home relating to the time.
Artistic design shows, The relationship between human and nature.
Pay attention to time and space, decompose and reconstruct art and life.
A design with warmth,
To shape the space,
Shows the space aesthetics with artistic conception.
- Introduction -
Freedom can be very specific,
Can also be very abstract. OUYANG Design in villa space,
Specific to the use of color, material and lighting changes,
Abstract to the habitant’s habit, action and facial expressions.

OUYANG thinks, Home should have the smell of a home, and people should have the smell of people.
With a little more fun, that is satisfactory.

Space design can be given, has nothing to do with intelligence,
Has nothing to do with science and technology, only accompany the life.
OUYANG space design,
With the idea of “home should grow together with the host”,
With the different presentation of a home in different periods, Shows the host’s different feeling of life.
Design is not to get in a rut.
Villa will be divided into four levels.
The design inspiration comes from the four seasons.
For different seasons,
The space expresses different state of mind.
Blend natural materials in interior design,
Through delicate and elegant home decoration, to build a “simple luxury” atmosphere,
To satisfy the host’s imagination to the space,
Home is a space to enjoy;
Elegant and simple colors and materials can create a warm atmosphere.

With an almost Rubik’s cube creation,
Let design style be an art without boundaries;
This is a kind of new space art “mood changes with space”.
Residential environment can go with your heart, and produces different styles and life feelings.
Memory and recalling of “happiness” becomes the main points of the spatial layout.
The highest state of this kind of adornment is to let human body and heart be one,
And mix with the space and display art as an organic whole.

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