IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Poem of Light and Shadow

by He Junming

Projet Description

The inspiration for this case comes from the homeowners' couple's desire for nature and their love for light and shadow.The homeowners are both artists and place great importance on the artistic expression of the space. So the designers created a simple and natural artistic space environment through architectural relationships, minimalist design language, monochromatic space coverage and meditative inspiration, in addition to the choice of materials and tactile sensations.
We define this work as a wabi-sabi simple style. The large area of white space creates an ethereal atmosphere and gives the space a sense of calmness. The invisible infectious power of the space gives people endless imagination and spiritual power, while bringing users a peaceful and relaxed psychological mapping, ideal for artists to think and create in the space.
The original wooden tables and chairs, custom-made rattan, comfortable Italian furniture, and minimalist lighting ...... they all represent the pursuit of the ideal life, allowing users to be in the original, natural environment.
The whole space is clearly layered, and the natural light of each space can radiate to every corner, so that "light" is everywhere. The sunlight comes in through the dreamy curtains and sprinkles on the gray micro-cement interior, making the whole space warm and soft.
The ubiquitous greenery, Zen end view, and grass tank embedded in the wall are all natural scenes that can be seen everywhere, making the users feel comfortable and happy.
It is our core design concept to rely on nature and to be accompanied by light.

He Junming

He Junming
Worked in architecture and interior design for 21 years.
Graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology.
Founder/Design Director of Beijing MoHome Space Design Co.
National Registered Senior Interior Architect.
Senior expert designer of interior design in China.
Founder of Design.Coordinate Design Alliance.
Judge of Nest award.
Strategic partner of Top Design Center of EasyHome.
Ali Designer Certification Consultant.
Special Lecturer of Mars Times Education.
Vice President of Chinese Book of Changes Association Haidian Branch.

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