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International Design Pioneer Award

pizza marumo


Project Description

Project : pizza marumo
Place : Ebisu Tokyo Japan
Designer : MONO-GRAPH Co.Ltd. Takayoshi Ichimura / Yudai Sasaki
OPEN 2022/12

A pizzeria has newly opened for the first time in Tokyo's Ebisu district, known for its plenty of famous restaurants. The chef, Mr. Motokura, has an unusual background - after training at a kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course dinner) restaurant, he became an apprentice to a pizza craftsman. The d ishes he creates are studded with innovative ideas that stimulate all five senses , and they showcase the strength of ingredients based on the 'umami' of Japanese cu isine. Inspired by the phrase "fusion of Neapolitan pizza and Japanese elements ", which embodies the chef's career, he designed his restaurant with a focus on blending Western and Japanese elements, aiming to narrate a story to the guests through these aspects. The entrance welcomes guests with a 'Noren' (shop curt ain) that makes people associate that with the chef's roots. Through the glass, the distinctive pizza oven is visible, which makes the façade clearly represent s the shopʼ s concept Mikage-ishi (Granite), a unique stone imported from Italy, is decorated at the main counter inside the restaurant, representing the chef's original worldview and adding an exciting element to the live kitchen.The carefully selected pizza oven inside the counter was made by a long-established stove maker founded in the 10th year of the Taisho era. It features a design made up of circular patterns, w hich embodies the chef's desire to connect people through his "round" pizza and t o cherish Japanese elements. With his desire for many people to enjoy his pizza, t his is a space filled with the chef's passion for food and stories of his dreams for the future


1978 -- Born in Hokkaido Japan
2004 -- After graduating from the Musashino Art University Department of Craft and Industrial Design,engaged in total planning work ranging from planning / design /
2015 -- Established Monograph Inc.

We, MONO-GRAPH, were established in 2015. We are a Tokyo-based interior design and art planning firm. In addition to restaurants, we have design experience in hotel restaurants, jewelry, watch stores and offices. Besides planning and designing with a focus on interior design, we also offer proposals for artwork, display planning and production, tableware, and all other operations in space creation. We are committed to each brand's individuality, concept, and operation and aim to create new value with a high degree of precision while maintaining functionality. We provide space design needed by people with an awareness of trends, regional characteristics, and envir onmental issues. We aim to grow as a design company by responding to our client's requests from various areas to realize their images, such as video production for launching new brands. Also, since our founding we have planned and produced artwork with an awareness of the concept and story of a space. This is because we believe the beauty of art is that it stimulates the senses and leads to mental relaxation th rough witnessing diverse ideas. It also plays a vital role in emphasizing the design concept of space. We create diverse expressions such as paintings sculptures, and making material surfaces artistic expressions, and fuse them with the design .

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