IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by K.Space Design

Project Description

This case is located on the famous scenic spot of Yiwu Avenue in Tianjin, which is the most complete preserved group of western-style buildings in Tianjin and even in China. There are many small western-style buildings located here. The restaurant designed this time aims to preserve the original charm of Wuda Avenue, and through the visualization of architectural form and materials, it is compatible with different scales and eras of building parts, while combining modern materials to give new life to the space. "Phoenix Nirvana, Rebirth from the Fire" We have implanted a large number of red colors in the space to reflect the state of Phoenix's rebirth from the fire. This not only reflects the theme of the restaurant, but also represents an indomitable spirit of struggle and a strong will.The close interweaving of red and black and white stripes creates a fashionable color scheme with a strong sense of modernity, which highlights oneself more than simplicity and promotes individuality. At the same time, we also used the design of mirrored space to break through the limitations of space boundaries. Through mirror refraction, the old and new are reversed, completing the connection of scenes and immersing the experience of gallery style design.

K.Space Design

Set up a design company in 2012, to undertake private residential villas and commercial high-end design, construction, and soft decoration projects. Comply with the company's development and market demand, integration of resources to establish Kai Chong Space Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., has more than ten years of high-end villa, commercial and office space design and construction experience. We are a design-led delivery company. We never tend to trend, advocate limited space, unlimited design. With a strong combination of design team, innovative design concept, excellent professional technology and scientific management, and keep its promise in service, it is well received by the industry and Party A customers.

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