IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Chunlong Luo

Projet Description

Simple modern style, as the name implies, is a very simple decoration style, and it is also a mainstream style now. After all, everyone is in a busy working state all day, and there is very little time to calm down and enjoy the world. The modern simple decoration style is also a highly plastic style, which can create different homes according to each person's personality and different lifestyle. Simple decoration style also makes people feel relaxed.

Chunlong Luo

Luo Chunlong (Guiguzi) engaged in design work: 16 yearsHonors:Fuzhou Top Ten Interior Designers2019 Asia-Pacific Space Design Competition - Master of Space Art2019 China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Expo [Huading Award] - "Gold Award" for villas and mansionsWon the honorary title of "Life Aesthetics" in the Asia-Pacific Awards in 2020The title of "the most original designer" in China's architectural decoration industry in 2021 and the "gold prize" in the annual international environmental art innovation design competitionThe first prize of 2022 Decorative World Cup China Decorative Art Design CompetitionWon the first prize of condominium-villa space design in the CBDA design competition in 2022

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