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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

PET smart wall panel

by Zhejiang kingdom new material group co., ltd

Projet Description

This is a customizable PET smart wall panel suitable for any kind of modern interior. The product is equipped with a built-in smart chip that enables fast heating (30 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes) and temperature control, providing users with a warm and comfortable environment.
Unlike traditional decorative panels that use materials made from fossil fuels, this product uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate) obtained from recycled clothing and water cups as the main material for the base layer, avoiding the creation of pollutants during production. PET is excellent in stability and durability. Coupled with the transparent, wear-resistant UV material sprayed on the product surface, it ensures high impact resistance and offers good noise reduction, heat preservation and UV protection. In addition, the panel uses eco-friendly adhesive extracted from soybeans instead of traditional chemical glue, an innovative effort to prevent the harmful effects of aldehyde on users and ensure the environment safe and easeful and secure.
Users can customize the pattern on the panel according to their preferences thanks to the HD ink jet printing and digital printing technologies. With a high level of personalization in size and shape, the product can cater to a wide range of tastes. The nano-embossing technique used in the anti-scratch layer enables great wear-resistance and avoidance of fingerprints.
Moreover, the product is rated at IP67, meaning it is able to withstand disinfectant without changing properties and can be used in medical environments.

Zhejiang kingdom new material group co., ltd

With the progress of the times, people now pay more attention to spiritual enjoyment. More and more designers are pursuing the perfection of space design, while paying more attention to the quality safety and efficiency of the plate. Through continuous research and testing, we have finally successfully developed this Smart heat wall panels. It is in line with the sustainable development of the new era, multiple recycling, reducing white pollution and the use of new materials, and can also allow people to enjoy a warm and comfortable environment. Thanks to the process of high-definition scanning technology, we can perfectly present the design patterns of our hand-drawn creative textures. Create more environmentally friendly, lighter and more personalized floor wall panels.

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