IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by VSA

Projet Description

Project: Space * Design
Design Company: VSA Design
Chief Designer: VSA
Main Materials: Terrazzo, copper gold, floor tile, imported leather, glass
A cup of tea, let the beautiful happen.
Let more people enjoy more professional new tea drinking.

In the PATEAYA brand, We see more possibilities for tea. In the city, everyone has his own dream. Everyone, go forward for the dream. Beautiful scenery and good mood, no time to be taken into account. The road to pursue the dream should not be so monotonous. PATEAYA, Will make you a cup of tea in the busy. She comes from mountains, rivers and lakes to live in the city. Let you meet surprise in the road to the dream. Let you enjoy the beauty in the city,. PATEAYA, meet the beauty of life.
Ou Yang, targeting to PATEAYA space positioning, Taking “light luxury Zen meaning and tea language experience space” as the concept, Focuses on user experience and creates beverage ecology and optimized tea drinking space, To make the light luxury tea language has the function of “experience + sharing + social contact”.
“I’m Urs Cup Tea” PATEAYA Professional Social Contact Good Tea
PATEAYA brand design, Ou Yang pays attention to the web celebrity style of brand with communication efficiency. Fashion, sense of quality, and customer stay experience become new demands. The store should complement the product to help convey the tea culture of youth. And provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for drinking tea. In PATEAYA’s world view, “light luxury Zen meaning” and “tea culture” are inseparable. Both are the core genes of the brand. And the good news is, This typical Oriental traditional culture has given rise to new inspirations in the contemporary minimalist aesthetic context, And expressed through design. In this way, tea drinking becomes “light luxury”.
Tea can also be light luxury, The Zen of traditional tea culture is a source of inspiration for PATEYA. All these are expressed in contemporary Design.
PATEAYA, U’r Mine Cup Tea. With a cup of good tea to stimulate a good mood. A cup of new slow made good tea, Is your type, is your taste, and is your tea.
PATEAYA, meet the beauty of life.

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