IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Park Paradise · Coziness

by Ronald Lu & Partners

Projet Description

Lingnan New World·Yunyi is located at the axis of Guangzhou's Baiyun New City business district, in a transportation hub, adjacent to the city's green space, cultural center and Baiyun Mountain, with an extremely advantageous geographical location. Starting from the brand positioning, the interior designer meets different residential needs, using vertical design elements, strong contrasting colors and multi-layered materials to create a space of only 150 square meters into a luxurious and elegant residence.
The interior designer broke the traditional concept of closed residential space, introduced forward-looking thinking, fully opened up the limited space, and created an open, spacious, multi-functional and comfortable living space. While realizing the maximum use of space functions, it leads the modern coexistence mode and life attitude of urban families.
Located beside the entrance, a bar counter is specially set up between the dining room and the kitchen, which can be used as a part of the kitchen and a leisurely gathering space before and after meals. The two bookshelves in the living room and the study set against each other, revealing their functionality when opened, and a unique decorative wall when closed.

Ronald Lu & Partners
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