IDPA Japan Design Award

Parallel space | Modern+Italian style, keeping the ideal type of each life

by Ren Zhikai

Projet Description

No, enjoy the parallel existence of two kinds of spaces and keep the ideal type of each life. This case is to create a comfortable and free young life for a family of three. The housing area is full enough, so reasonable optimization of spatial layout, complete functions and practicality, and simple and clear living lines are the key points of the renovation. Stylistically, the male owner likes modern simplicity, while the female owner likes Italian style. In order to satisfy their preferences at the same time, we have made a concept of parallel space, and divided the design style of the home into two major zones with the Chinese idea of male dominating outside and female dominating inside. The guest kitchen space with visitor attributes is modern and simple, while the master bedroom suite with private attributes is Italian style. Do both internal and external repairs, be harmonious but different, and coexist in parallel. Meet two completely different preferences. Structurally, we take "simplicity" as the core, cut down some useless spaces, and combine the spaces that can be summarized together. Make the space moving line simple and smooth, make the space layout concise and clear, and make the overall pattern transparent, spacious, clear and practical, and it is aesthetically durable and never out of date.

Ren Zhikai

Beijing YanXu Space Design Co., Ltd director
2014-2016 Dalian planning and Design Institute
2016-2017 Beijing Shangceng Decoration Design Co., Ltd
2018-2021 Hong Kong Gaodi design firm
From 2021 to now, Beijing YanXu Space Design Co., Ltd. has been established
2022 Japan IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award
2021 Italy IIDA AWARD International Design Award 100 Influential Designer of the Year
2021 GPDP AWARD International Design Award -Home Space Design Award
2021 Himalaya Award for residential space design ---------- excellent award
2021 nesting award ----------- Excellence Award
2021 Jintang Award - regional Excellence Award

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