IDPA Japan Design Award

Noble life museum, shenzhen, guangdong

by Yanxiang Zeng

Projet Description

Light luxury, the most difficult part is to design a timeless, classic and beautiful design within the orderly and limited elements. When modernist design continues to make a splash in the contemporary market, complex and changeable details and dazzling technology are rendered on the stage. Such an "elite" lifestyle neglects the communication between people. The exquisite division separates not only furniture and other furnishings, but also the communication that belongs to each other after the busy life with the family. We began to miss the yearning for a warm family in childhood.
The Bozun Living Hall was transformed from an old factory. After Jonathan decided to transform the Bozun Living Hall, the design style was no longer limited. Injecting some more active factors into the soul of the original cold space, not only is clean and neat, but the details are meticulously portrayed, so that the space is no longer just stuck in the rigid and rigid concepts of the past, but more smooth and transparent.

Yanxiang Zeng
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