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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

No. 6 Sanlang Park

by Chongqing Daojing Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd

Project Description

Project Introduction:
No. 6 Sanlang Park
Sanlang Park No. 6 is a project to renovate office space in an industrial plant area.
The project is located in the core area of the Optoelectronic Park in Yubei District, Chongqing, formerly known as the Naide Industrial Park. The relocation of the park has left many elements for the site. The shaded greenways in the park, towering trees at the entrance, dismantled industrial trusses, fire water tanks in the forest, and high clearance industrial factories have left designers with rich inspiration
The positioning of the project is to create a relaxed, green and natural "forest style office space" for modern urban office workers.
Strengthen natural attributes and create a charming and comfortable space by utilizing the forests, sunlight, and water pools within the site.
Strengthen social attributes and create a free place for office workers to gather, communicate, and share
Strengthen the experiential attributes, open and free venue space, and bring surprising experiences to users.
There are currently 12 huge yellow kudzu trees at the entrance of the site, forming a natural entrance called the "forest parking area". The shaded parking spaces in Chongqing, the city of fireplace, are luxurious.
he original open-air parking lot, with sufficient sunlight, utilizes a flat and open site to design an open lawn, creating the core area of the project's outdoor landscape, the "Forest Reception Hall".
The fire water pool in the venue is a charming waterfront space that has been transformed into a "forest spring" for sunbathing and enjoying afternoon coffee, making it a relaxed and enjoyable gathering place with high popularity.
The preserved factory building has a cut through courtyard on its roof, which serves not only for lighting needs but also as a unique outdoor corridor courtyard inside the building.
Project Name: No. 6 Sanlang Park
Project address: Chongqing
Project area: 17000m ²
Owner: Chongqing Sanlangsen Industrial Park Operation and Management Co., Ltd
Architectural Design: Chongqing Yuandao Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd
Landscape Design: Chongqing Daojing Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd
Design team: Li Qitao, Hu Yu, Zheng Haoran, Peng Xianxian, Zhao Hongyu, Liao Qibin, Luo Jingwei

Chongqing Daojing Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd

DaoJing Design, founded in Chongqing in 2021, is an independent brand focusing on professional and refined services in landscape design. We take "creativity - creating new value" as our core concept. We are committed to providing customers with integrated design services throughout the process.

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