IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Guangzhou Lingxilidu Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The project is located in Lushan Xihai Tuolin Lake Scenic Area, Yongxiu County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. Close to the beautiful Tuolin Lake with beautiful environment, it has 680 square kilometers of ecological resources: first-class water quality, first-class air, large-scale waters, clusters of islands, mountains and lakes.
This case is divided into 3 design styles
1. Mix and match the style of homestay: Design theme: "Traveling with things in mind"
"Traveling in the Heart by Things", from "Zhuangzi in the World". The so-called multiplying things means getting out of the mundane world and wandering, that is, letting nature take its course and gaining spiritual freedom. We try to integrate the life breath of historical old villages and local "folk custom" culture into the space, such as: local ceramics in Jiangxi, old objects in rural areas, etc. Try to fill the space with the temperature of history, learn from nature, and gain freedom of mind and body.
2. Wabi-Sabi Style: Design theme:
"Flowers in the Wild"
The original meaning of "Wabi-Sabi" is based on Zen aesthetics, thinking about the continuous cycle of things from natural birth, growth, decline and death. It depicts the beauty of incompleteness, but now we use it more to express simplicity, silence, nature, etc. Wabi-sabi is the highest state of Eastern aesthetics. It is the most distinctive foundation in Eastern traditional culture, aesthetics, and philosophy, and reflects Eastern people's advocacy and pursuit of quiet aesthetics.
"Wabi-Sabi" reshapes the temperature of time, it is time's backing, going against the river of time, forging simplicity, and making the best interpretation of the beauty of wabi-sabi. It is not a decorative style, but a state of mind creating a certain atmosphere.
We hope to be loyal to ourselves. Try to blend in the flower arrangement in the space. Picking local floral arrangements in the space, like flowers in the wild, pondering the balance between flowers and utensils, presenting the natural posture of flowers, just like blooming in the wild, this "wildness" is like the authenticity conveyed by all the utensils in the space.
3. Bohemian style: Design theme: "Romantic Freedom"
You are deep in the woods and see you after wake up
A journey full of unknowns, walking in the vast world, is a "wandering" full of freedom and unrestrainedness. The collocation of the visual system highlights the bohemian style, pays attention to the coordination of color and pattern elements, puts complementary colors together, and combines complexity and simplicity to create a different feeling.

Guangzhou Lingxilidu Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd

广州灵西里渡软装饰设计有限公司,一家追求极致意境美感的室内软装设计定制服务商, 面向国内外地产开发商,针对酒店、大型商业空间、会所、别墅、示范单位等,提供专业软装设计、采购、陈设及项目运营为一体的软装设计公司。我们的理念是秉承匠心设计理念,追求极致意境美感享受,为推动软装设计产业发展努力奋斗!

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