IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Neihu Ruiguang Social Housing

by LRH Architect & Associates

Project Description

Social Housing and Social Movement
The promotion of social housing is a social revolution in housing. It requires a lot of communication, coordination, and wisdom to make the residents around us switch their minds from having doubts to reaching acceptance, recognition, or even willingness to move in and even having pride in social housing.
The functionality is divided into three parts, from bottom to top, arranged in public and private. Between the bases are social welfare, childcare, daycare, cab lounge, and workshops for the physically and mentally challenged, and above the third floor are 389 social housing units. It is a vertical village with parks, commercial facilities, and social welfare for 389 households.
Feng Shui and Architecture
The building follows the base boundary, allowing the atrium to have the best southern lighting. The stairs and ramps continue the natural landscape, integrating the park, social amenities, and the backyard.
Under the principle feng shui, Ruiguang Park is the "Mingtang" of the residence and the atrium is the "Inner Mingtang" of the community. The left side of the building gradually rises to connect with the mountain range of the public house. The right side of the building continues to the bank of the Keelung River, which conforms to the feng shui principle of a green dragon on the left and white tiger on the right and allows the natural landscape to become the continuation of the residence.
The atrium of the community has been lengthened and enlarged by the perspective correction of the inner hall, and the continuous ramp from the atrium to the park allows for the possibility of infinite expansion of the community area and makes the Ruiguang social house a part of the natural landscape.
Atrium and Sky Courtyard
The retreat around Ruiguang Road is a double row of trees. On the ground floor is a cashier-free supermarket, self-service laundry, self-service cafes, and a park where neighbors can interact.
The arc-shaped residential building forms curves along Ruiguang Road, with two service cores connecting the central active line corridor to each residential unit. The atrium and 18 courtyards, scattered throughout, serve as an inlet of sunlight and air, filling the community with fresh air and greenery and providing opportunities for neighbors to interact with each other.

LRH Architect & Associates

Our firm believes that architecture is the local lifestyle. It is the beautiful balance between sensibility and rationality. Architecture is music and art. It is the process of practicing what is the most authentic from inside out.
And here is what we do. We are a group of experienced architects committed to creating value, improving the urban environment, and meeting the needs of nature and humanity through continuous exchange and learning in different fields. We keep ourselves growing, motivated, and thriving. This is a once-in-a-life time challenge and responsibility.
And we understand that our work is to respond to the economic needs (residential and commercial buildings), social development trends (schools and long-term care facilities), and urban development (public buildings). Our firm has become one of Taipei's most successful and influential architectural teams in Taipei City in the past few years. We have received news coverage from media outlets, recognition from domestic and international media platforms and have won various domestic and international design awards.

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