IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Natural imitation


Projet Description

Life is an attitude. It needs a sense of tactility around the corner, a sense of ritual appropriate to the times, and the comfort of meditation. The design is not to make the home luxurious, but to make the space more reasonable and just right. Abandon the tedious decoration, discard the worldly shackles, and close the door. You are the king in your life.
When you enter, you can see a stone wall, and a transparent glass screen is deliberately reserved. The lighting effect specially created below breaks the dullness and enclosure, allowing the owner to perceive the tolerance of the space when he goes home.
In the living room, the perfect connection between the original wood color wood veneer and the marble, the metal and glass elements are used as the auxiliary material veneer, and the appropriate white space has a strong contrast with the black marble tiles. Through the interpretation of multiple lines, the whole space is full of layers.
The design of the restaurant and the island in the middle enables the host to increase the interactivity when he entertains guests, replacing closedness with opening, and the space is no longer subject to a certain form.
In the master bedroom, the main body uses the original wood color, and the soft combination of lighting and hard bag makes the bedroom more warm.
In every design cooperation, we integrate ourselves into it. With a professional attitude, the temperature of human affection and the design inspiration accumulated from life make life better and better, and make the space full of warmth.

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