IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Nanning Haoyouyuan Restaurant

by Liu Haodong

Projet Description

Haoyouyuan is a well-known high-end restaurant company in Guangxi for 20 years.
The facade design continues the black, white, and gray tone of traditional Chinese architecture. The water surface of the promenade pool reflects the white walls, gray bricks and tree shadows, which is quiet and peaceful. In terms of space layout, the hall evolves traditional Chinese verve, and the overall space atmosphere is typical. With the shape of the traditional house door, the hollow screen partition, the calm wooden structure, and the lines and lines full of charm radiate elegant atmosphere. With the shape of the traditional house door, the hollow screen partition, the calm wooden structure, and lines full of charm radiate elegant atmosphere. It is concise and elegant. The humility and tranquility of the interior and the scenery outside the window alternately and quietly correspond to each other, blurring the boundaries of space, making Chinese style charm and space design integrated, and giving people a comfortable enjoyment.
The reception desk is interspersed with geometric irregularities, using the natural contrast of the stone's natural texture and the dark stainless steel to create a thick body. The entrance runs through the array of long spotlights, guiding the line of sight, full of ritual sense. Natural elements are used in a large area. The texture of stone and wood is the skin of the space, which is warm and rough. The wood veneer frame lines enhance the Chinese style's heavy and elegant feeling, making the space wall full of layers. The combination of fine color hanging painting and warm texture of art ornaments, changing scenery step by step, transforms the life form and aesthetic consciousness into a silent design language, which gives people an elegant and comfortable dining environment.
Nanning Haoyouyuan State Banquet Restaurant
The entrance of the facade is inspired by the villa Fallingwater of Frank Lloyd Wright. The silhouette of a modern oriental building combined with a stainless steel structure and a large glass curtain wall is reflected in the pool, presenting a quiet and elegant mood, making people feel the tranquility in the city.
The abstract painting in the lobby area used traditional Chinese red, calming the atmosphere, and injecting fresh colors into the space. This is a highlight of the space.
The color of the space is mainly black, white and bronze gold, together with wood finish materials, making the whole space simple and elegant.
The charm of the new Chinese style is the exquisite carving, complicated and gorgeous decoration; it is the Peach Blossom Land in the heart, which is imbued with the eternal elegance, and it is the relaxation and moral integration of Chinese and Western culture.

Liu Haodong
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