IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Mouth-batin hand-batin Japanese cuisine

by Lianglong Wang

Projet Description

The designer takes the Edo Castle under the prevalence of the machinin culture as the background, takes "Edo Streaming Light" as the theme, and restores the atmosphere of the time through its skillful spatial expression techniques.
The plane layout of this case is based on Pingchengjing, horizontal and vertical, four knives divided into nine pieces, and the circulation is simple and neat. While integrating Japanese classical symbols with modern material textures, the designer focused on handling the spatial scale relationship between floor height and large-open midfield: raising the corridor area. And reasonably reduce the height of tables and chairs in the dining area, so that the "static" of the sinking area is in contrast with the "moving" of the elevated area. On the other hand, the Machiya-style inclined ceiling is suspended above the dining area at a certain slope, which weakens the suppression of the overall space by the low beams. The two combine to integrate the sense of ritual like being in a dojo into the customer dining experience.
There is a slightly cool light from the back of the deck, like the moment when a samurai sword slashes through the air and bursts of snow, cutting the dining area into three identical volumes, focusing and precise, just like the rigor and ingenuity of Japanese cuisine.

Lianglong Wang
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