IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Mosman Villa

by Guobin Liao

Projet Description

This is also a very challenging project for us. The site of the project is in a rich area of Sydney on the other side of the ocean, on a coastal sloping plot. The starting point of the design is based on a simple and essential life philosophy that the owner and we both believe in. The house is the container of life, and the space is not limited because of its simplicity. Therefore, we finally chose to use cast-in-place fair-faced concrete directly as the main building and the facade along the street on the top floor. The natural temperament of the clear water is in line with the owner's simple and essential concept, because the clear water can be said to be the essence of the building without whitewashing. Also because it is clean water, any hydropower pre-embedded later cannot be modified, so the design must be very precise and adaptable.
The overall interior is upright and restrained while the space is fluid. The three colors of black, white and gray summarize all the hard materials, and all the switches, lamps and air-conditioning panels are also cleverly hidden through the design. We respect the introduction of nature in the design process. All-glass skylights are used in the art gallery of the entrance, which will present different light and shadow effects at different times throughout the year. The full-open floor-to-ceiling windows on the third floor overlook the entire sea level and are also a space for the family to eat and live daily, from sunrise to sunset every day.

Guobin Liao
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