IDPA Japan Design Award


by Jade Environmental Art Design Co., LTD(Dou Yun)

Projet Description

"C Life requires not only art,
You need a more playful attitude."
This is a fashion play gift for young people. You are lucky to meet such a post-wave play era, and the era is lucky to meet such a young group. When the line and clothing has been satisfied, the market is in need of living and eating the tide play space experience.
The project is located in Pingling Middle Road, Liyang City, surrounded by residential areas, office buildings, young people gather. The corner block with heavy traffic embraces more diverse cultures, aesthetics and values. Space design to Liyang local customs as a clue, combined with modern tide play fashion elements presented Mu Ya brand concept, for guests to create a novel and unique experience atmosphere. Designers aim to create a utopia for the new generation of youth to build a dream tide to play, to create a gorgeous zone where dreams and life spark.

Jade Environmental Art Design Co., LTD(Dou Yun)

Jade Design is an integrated design service provider which offers high-end interior space design, commercial brand planning design and art decoration overall design.
We believe that creativity changes life, and achieve it perfectly. We focus on the combination of tradition and modernity, and pay more attention to our own quality cultivation and accumulation. While focusing on the complex and increasingly diversified market needs, we analyze a situation and seize the moment,in order to provide personalized and exclusive high quality design work for our clients.
Based on the strong and professional design team, we provide customers with multi-directional and professional full service. With the cooperation of both sides, we insist the service philosophy that: we should“go further and think more than our customers ”; follow the way of resource integration and complementary team work; build a completed exclusive service team for each project; focus on details and leading to perfectly combine the customers’ requirements and dreams with the design works.
We will never give up our own dreams, trying to be a design company with international visions to influence and push the development of Chinese design industry. As a result, as we hope that more people will understand design and even enjoy it!

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