IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Modern interpretation of extraordinary temperament

by Fei Tong

Projet Description

The design hopes to express a kind of extreme beauty, creating a quiet, clean, and sophisticated modern Oriental lifestyle, not constrained by form, highlighting cultural taste.
First, start from the basement entrance, which has a separate entrance hall, which is open and clear. The thick marble and the gray-brown wood are like the story of the sprinkling landscape. The geometric shapes of the ground floor and the seating arrangement express the current modern fashion. The collision and overlap of classical and modern elements present a modern and oriental light luxury space.
The selection of different lamps at the entrance of the basement presents a different effect. Through the method of borrowing light, the indoor functional areas are blended, and there is a sense of moving. In the light and dark, the head of the household can feel the temperature and time. The tea room in the basement has a few thin glass doors with narrow frames, flat and picturesque, through the light, you can get your vitality. The metal dining lights and bar chandeliers in the restaurant, the Ustobi ring-like shape is not traditional, and presents the finishing touch of the aesthetic art, which makes people fall in love with them at first sight. The green plants on the dining table are shining in the light, reflecting the delicate soft light on the sofa.
In this case, a major feature of the design is the coordination and control of architecture and landscape. Interprets the oriental design concept of natural life.

Fei Tong
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