IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

MARYMA Private Clothing Customized Beijing Flagship Store

by Jason han

Projet Description

MARYMA Private Clothing Customized Beijing Flagship Store
Design description: Ma Yanli is the first fashion model in China to go to the international runway. MARYMA is her personal clothing brand. This project is MARYMA’s first flagship store and private custom-made club in China. We take the fluidity of the space from the “crease boundary” produced by the “cloth” itself due to “wind”, “gravity” and “dynamics”— ———They merge with the boundary of space division to produce a "space model". The overall area is 265 square meters, which is divided into "catwalk area, exhibition area, work area, meeting area, and fitting room. The overall design forms a unified rhythm, which is integrated with the clothing, but also forms a single background.
The construction process lasted 5 months and was made of topcoat, plastic cement, and artificial light. "White" achieves the best pure background color that highlights the color of the fabric. The circular central area light source provides a visual core to the catwalk area. The dressing mirror blends perfectly into the background.

Jason han
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