IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Marmot Club · Children’s Treasure Theater Park

by Great CoCo (Suzhou) Cultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

This project is the first immersive theatre park in China that combines the British Victorian style, Middle Eastern elements, and grassland features to create a immersive paradise with a huge world view and meet the needs of performance, visit and play. It aims to bring children an innocent childhood memory and enable them to be close to nature through spaces with exotic features and cool interactive programs, giving tourists a fairy-tale parent-child experience. It is also an exploration of the future content-based park mode and space demand direction.
The entrance of the project follows the Victorian street shop block format after considering the topography and spatial requirements and the neighborhood is lively and full of life by arranging different street shops. At the same time, the iron frontage at the entrance of the project is a highlight, and the steampunk elements employed show a distinct mechanical style, forming a strong visual contrast to the warm and retro neighborhood, which invites visitors to enter.
The interior of the park adopts a one-landmark-for-one-city format and creates several themed towns by blending local culture with the park's worldview and historical chronology. The gathering and distribution spaces with different styles are linked through the rammed earth facades and cliff walls and with a combination of the interplay between internal elements and the interaction, either integrating or contrasting, of indoor and outdoor spaces, which creates a more layered space while allowing the architecture and themed towns to blend as one organic entity. In addition, the different theme towns inspire the visitor to think differently and encourage visitors to explore on their own, making the scene more interactive. To ensure a natural and convenient traveling experience, after considering visitors' walking and pausing based on the overall park layout, the visiting route is designed to form a complete and spatially coordinated dynamic line that links the various functional areas together organically. By doing so, the space is arranged to guide visitors while meeting the needs for visual enjoyment and spatial perception.
In addition, the internal doors, windows, tables, chairs, and other details of the project are designed with a consideration of the height of the children. With a humanistic design, the project presents visitors with an all-around deep immersion experience from sight, sound, smell, and touch to thought.

Great CoCo (Suzhou) Cultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

GREATCOCO is one of the most promising next generation of content creation and indoor entertainment cultural innovation companies in China. With the mission of setting up China's original amusement parks to create more satisfaction and realize epochal visions, GREATCOCO strives to introduce innovative domestic amusement parks to the world. We have created various core brand products, including the first original ever theater park in China - Marmot Club, the first original live-action parent-child scripted-murder mystery in China, Luoying, the largest comprehensive parent-child interactive exhibition - VERNE's MAGIC RESIDENCE, and the original mini education park - COCOTOWN. All of these efforts have made GREATCOCO an iconic company leading the third generation of content-oriented indoor theme parks in China.

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