IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Luxe lakes

by Huang Aixi

Project Description

While introducing poetry into life;
While living the days into poetry;
Using Poetry to Feel Life;
Mobilize all senses;
Endow abundant imagination;
Interacting with nature and interacting with all things;
Not fixated on tedious elements;
Not demanding too much decoration;
Abandoning excess;
Hidden in the crowd;
First floor living room;
Interpret the composition relationship of space through concise lines and overlapping blocks;
The Interpretation of Ink in Light and Shadow in Landscape Architecture;
First floor restaurant:
Time flows, space changes black and white, darkness and light;
Cold and Warm;
It's all about life;
Light and shadow entwined;
Romance first;
Frame by frame in one scene;
Encounter the tranquility and tranquility of solitude;
Second floor master bedroom;
Second floor main guard daughter's room;
Abandoning complexity;
Tracing back to the origin;
Reshaping the relationship between humans and space;
To be extremely meticulous in every aspect;
Enjoy freedom and satisfaction alone;
Corridor staircase; Staircase negative first floor;
Project Name: Luhu Lake · Blue Flower Island;
Design scope: Interior design, soft decoration design;
Project location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China;
Project area: indoor 550m ²;
Completion time: October 2022- December 2023;
Space design: Chengdu Zunxi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd;
Design Director: Wang Xiaoya;
Design team: Wang Xiaoya, Yang Wubin, Huang Jun, He Haijun;
Soft Decoration Design: Chengdu Xichen Decoration Design Co., Ltd;
Host Design: Huang Aixi;
Design team: Huang Aixi and Wu Di;

Huang Aixi

Founder/Executive Director of Hong Kong Xichen Design Consulting Co., Ltd. studied at the School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Beijing, with a Master's degree in Art and Design from Milan Institute of Technology, Italy, and a Master's degree in Spatial Planning from Brera Institute of Fine Arts, Italy

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