IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Longhu crown apartment

by Wenbin Chen

Projet Description

Longfor combines the concept of social networking with the characteristics of young people advocating freedom, pursuing differentiation, being fresh, fearing loneliness, and enjoying a quality life at the same time. An Internet-based social community for youths tailored for young people. In addition to hotel-style service management, for modern young people who are busy with work and study and have no time to improve their quality of life, but want to enjoy high-end features, many convenient services have been built to create an exclusive position exclusively for young people.
Based on the unique housing concept and the needs of modern urban residents, Longfor provides unprecedented value for money and a truly interconnected life experience.
The interior design of the apartment rooms are based on modern, lively, fashionable and bold styles. This is especially reflected in the colors, which are rich and warm, and are used to create a relaxing and comfortable space atmosphere for enjoying life.
In public spaces, you can always find uniquely shaped lamps, homes with brisk colors, or a painting hanging on the wall, a small ornament on the table, which inadvertently attracts your attention . With rich details worthy of fun, with simple and neat ceilings and walls, Longhu easily creates a simple yet lively beauty.

Wenbin Chen
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