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International Design Pioneer Award

Logan Costal Skyline

by Chen Xi

Project Description

Logan Costal Skyline: Phoenix inhabits the heavenly realm, which is the excellent residence on the seaside;
The beautiful Lingshui is accompanied by the charm throughout the ages. Lingshui in Hainan has a vast coastline, covering a huge sea area of 1223 square kilometers. The blue coastal area, green ecology, and strong folk customs together make up the magnificent scenery of Lingshui, with both natural and human culture. The Logan Costal Skyline project is located in this place, fully utilizing the geographical advantages and development potential of Lingshui, and cleverly integrating natural scenery, modern facilities and ultimate services, trying to provide customers with a perfect space for enjoying peace, leisure, and extravagance.
The Book of Songs says that, "Phoenix only chooses the Chinese parasol tree to live", and Lingshui has always enjoyed the title of "a place where Phoenix chooses to live". Phoenix is a unique symbol of this blessed land, symbolizing auspiciousness, brightness, and happiness. Inspired by this, the design team uses the flying phoenix as the architecture, transforms from the form of phoenix roaming, and takes ideas from the auspicious connotation of phoenix to express and interpret the initial inspiration in the design. Through in-depth research and abstraction of phoenix’s lines, contours, and proportions, designers transform them into the language of architecture and interior design, bringing the project a unique aesthetic and poetic flavor.
Phoenix soars high: Reception lobby and model area;
Phoenix soars high, while other birds closely follow it. The reception and model areas on the first floor are symmetrical along the central axis, running through the whole space. The frame lines stretch like two wings, causing a strong visual impact. The large-area metal aluminum plate matched with transparent DuPont paper are laid on the ceiling, giving a spacious visual sense to the overall space and forming a mottled light and shadow between the flapping wings.
Inheriting the excellent residence concept of "phoenix only lives in Chinese parasol trees", the marketing center takes "Phoenix homing" as the main creative axis, and gradually develops from the character, habits and legends of "phoenix", integrating smart wings, gorgeous feathers and elegant appearance into the overall design. For the wall part, the designer selected peacock green resin gradient acrylic material to restore the shape of phoenix feathers in a layered and interlaced manner. With exquisite creativity, the elegant posture of "phoenix spreading its wings" is fully presented.
Phoenix inhabits here: Negotiation area;
The curved radian, the interweaved density, the extended direction, etc., all details dominate the variation of the lines. Lines constitute the basic design elements, and infinite imagery can be condensed into the space by ingeniously reshaping and combining lines. In the negotiation area, the designer uses soft curves to eliminate the corners and sharpness of the block, extending the spatial focus infinitely. The technique not only increases the flowing sense of the space, but also enables the line of sight to naturally move to outdoor, invisibly connecting and blending nature with space.
Focusing on the right side of the space, you will find the waterfalls pouring down from the ceiling. The designer fixes the dynamic water LED screen on the background wall, creating a natural habitat atmosphere with technological elements. The technological sense and natural texture are intertwined and coexisting, echoing phoenix’s lordly character of "only living in Chinese parasol trees, and only drinking sweet spring water".
“The tung flowers are in full bloom, and the sound of the young phoenix coming from the flowers will definitely be clearer than that of the old phoenix.” Truly caring about children is to go deep into their inner heart, inspiring and interpreting their imagination and curiosity from a child's perspective. The designer integrates ocean elements into the overall design with colorful colors, cute images, and soft curves. Various elements are displayed in a gentle and beautiful form, just like children's imagination, naive, strange, but imaginative. In this special place, children can play, read, and rest, experiencing the fun of multiple functions.
Phoenix returns: Rotating stairs and basement 1;
As you spiral down the circular staircase, you will find the wooden bookshelves located at the reception area on the first floor connecting the upper and lower floors of the building. The highly integrated design is like a huge root system hovering underground, creating visual interaction with the space on the first floor, granting the building a strong and vigorous vitality. The wooden ribs in the background outline the streamlined shape of phoenix feathers, echoing the theme of the phoenix and forming a close connection with the first floor. Phoenix soars in the sky, drinks sweet spring water, and perches on Chinese parasol trees, all these scenes are linked to reflect the grand theme of "phoenix living in a blessed land".
The sun shines on the lush flowers and trees. Making use of the swimming pool on the first floor, the designer sets up a skylight on the basement ceiling. Natural light stirs a pool of clear waves, which splashes into the room, causing the flowing sunlight and water shadows to sway on different wall facades. The changing light and shadow are haloed, diffused, or condensed, presenting various dramatic shapes. Shuttling through the reception area on the first floor, with the cutting and coordination of space and light and shadow, you will experience the interweaving and entanglement of light and shadow, and feel the elasticity and vitality of light.
"Chinese parasol trees grow in the sunrise, attracting the phoenix to live". At the end of the journey, there is a sunken courtyard book bar. The phoenix sleeps in the vast sea of books and settles in the shining sun. This design not only highlights the entire creative theme, but also sublimates the intention at the end. The designer plants the garden trees in the atrium, trying to introduce the beautiful vision of Chinese parasol trees attracting the phoenix apart from giving vitality to the space. People meet the book sea, interact with light and shadow, and feel the growth of spirit in the expectation of phoenix following the sun.
Stepping into the aerobic and fitness areas, you will find that the wide space is scientifically divided by the designer. A variety of fitness equipment are placed in order, ensuring a fully featured space without interference. In order to implement the green concept and maximize the utilization of natural airflow and light for the entire building, multiple skylights have been installed on the basement floor, effectively reducing the building's dependence on artificial air conditioning and lighting systems, allowing nature to extend freely while reducing energy consumption.
Phoenix perches on Chinese parasol trees, and it is a good place to live. Taking the traditional cultural image of "phoenix" as the main design theme running through the entire design, the Logan Costal Skyline project combines the profound cultural heritage of Lingshui with rich natural resources, creating a coastal paradise that can explore ancient meanings, enjoy green trees, view the sea and sky, and cultivate the body and spirit. With the ultimate poetic meaning and imaginative expression, it concretizes the "treasure land with phoenix perched on" in the hearts of literati and scholars.
Project Name: Logan Costal Skyline;
Location: Hainan, China;
Design Company: October Design;
Chief Designer: Chen xi, Zhang Lijun;
Assistant Designer:Li Haifen;
Area: 2145 square meters;
Cost: 5500 yuan/㎡;
Design Cycle: February 2022- June 2022;
Completion time: May 2023;
Main Materials: ceiling DuPont paper, 3M wood grain aluminum plate, resin acrylic, cold jadeite stone, smoke and rain gray stone;
Client Name: Peng Ni, Zhou Yi, Sun Yanting;
Photographer: One Thousand Degrees Image

Chen Xi

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