IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

LIUYUAN jewelry club

by Li LV

Projet Description

LIUYUAN jewelry store is a major player in the local jewelry market. As a diamond customization center under BING BING DIAMOND, the store’s diamonds and colored gems are guaranteed by the most authoritative international certification agency. And a highly educated and qualified jewelry appraiser serves as a jewelry consultant.
The IFSE team created a European-style, stylish and elegant boutique storefront for LIUYUAN jewelry store at No.1 Yafeng Road, the center of Jinhua, Zhejiang. This case draws on the characteristics of "forms and spirits" in the European style, and through the deconstruction and reorganization of the interior space, we can satisfy our yearning and pursuit of quality life. Create a relaxing, elegant, comfortable and romantic space.
This case closely combines the nobility of customized diamonds with the comfort of quality life.
The orange-gray hue makes the space warm and stylish. The cabinets and floor decorations of natural wood color create a cordial and warm atmosphere.
Simple and European, romantic and expensive, the formal IFSE is the spirit that gives space.

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