IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Litter and new | 228㎡ quietaesthetics

by Original design of Xizhai

Projet Description

The owner is a couple. The house is decorated for weekend vacation, so there is not much storage. What is needed is to bring a comfortable living experience to the whole space, and it is also a place where family and friends occasionally come to meet. The decoration style of this house is positioned as "silent wind", which is an integral part of Japanese aesthetic consciousness. It generally refers to simple and quiet things, and is a state of mind of Oriental Zen. It believes that real beauty is incomplete. From the appearance of old objects, it presents a sense of loneliness and freedom as time goes by.

Original design of Xizhai

As a design company rising rapidly in Shanghai through word of mouth communication, Xizhai Original Design has always adhered to the design concept of "exclusive rather than imitation" since its establishment, and firmly believes that original design and continuous innovation are the foundation of the company's sustainable development. The company has a young, energetic and creative design team and a strong professional construction team, which enables the company to form its own advantages in just a few years and gain good reputation in the industry and among customer groups.
The original design of Xizhai House focuses on interior design, integrating design and construction, hard decoration and soft decoration. Through original, professional and personalized design, it combines aesthetic design with customer needs, and pursues a comfortable, beautiful and customized perfect living experience.
The designers of the company have won many international and domestic designer competition awards, such as Nest Building Award, Aite Award, Builder Award, National Emerging Designer, etc., and have been interviewed by CCTV, Shanghai TV, Decoration Information, Fashion Home, Adi AD and other professional media for many times.

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