IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Lijiang county mans ion penthouse villa – The great artist landscape


Projet Description

The relationship between humans and nature became the source of inspiration for the original design of the project. Humans have continuously changed the appearance of the natural environment in the development of the past dynasties, and the power of nature has been infiltrating human civilization silently. We want to pass on the thousand-year style of writing, and strive to integrate design with architecture and natural environment, and integrate the mountains and rivers into the house. The benevolent will enjoy the mountains and the wise will enjoy the water. This is the highest realm of habitation.
The great artist and landscape, based on the famous sentence of Tang Dynasty poet Song Zhiwen, "The scenery of Guilin is different, and its autumn is like Luoyang spring". Let the works show the visual beauty of Danqing ink and wash that people yearn for, and strive to create a new benchmark for Guilin's residence! PINKI DESIGN Liu Weijun Interior Architectural Design Office & TATS Great Artist Soft Decoration Design and Realization Team are in charge of the interior architectural design and soft decoration design of Lijiang County Mansion Landscape Mansion.

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