IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Light and Four Seasons

by Chen Haopeng(Shenzhen)Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The project is a 70-square-meter women's clothing store, located in an old street with many old buildings, and it happens to be at the corner of the building with a big tree at the door. The signboard is large, not necessarily fancy or rich. Use appropriate lines and arcs to divide the space so that the sun can cast the shadow of the tree on the appearance of the building. It is also interesting to change with the change of the sun. The application of the arc reduces the overall sense of volume. The large pillar on the left is wrapped in a mirror, and the existence of the pillar is weakened by the mirror's integration with the surrounding environment. The flowing light and shadow, quiet and introverted, are simple and pure, but it has become the most attractive existence in the whole street.

Chen Haopeng(Shenzhen)Interior Design Co., Ltd.
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