IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Legend hotel, qindu, lianhu district, xi ‘ an, shaanxi

by In Design Associates Co.,Ltd.

Projet Description

The ancient capital of Xi'an, the emperor of the thirteen dynasties once stationed here. During the Qin and Han dynasties, we tied our ancestors to our ancestors, sought traces from them, captured historical civilization, and broke traditional designs to form a new strategy. The diverse deconstruction design language presented through multiple deconstruction techniques allows the elements to be recombined through the structure to form a new internal order, and the unique element organization arrangement shows a stronger sense of design.
The lobby and the rest area are logically connected. The moon gate is presented in a way of turning the cart before the horse, and the design ideas of Qin brick and Han tile are absorbed in the grille and bucket arch, leaving the space with reverie. The lounge area of the clubhouse presents an open and inclusive atmosphere, and the Persian bar full of western style surrounds the center, reflecting the unique regional style.
Draw inspiration from cultural relics and deconstruct elements to interpret ideas. Give way to comfort in style and tonality, and blend Chinese and Western cultures to reappear today after thousands of years. The space is like a historical picture scroll, where every emperor who once resided here leaves his brushstrokes.

In Design Associates Co.,Ltd.
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