IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Landscape Fu


Projet Description

The owner of this case is also engaged in the architectural design industry, and has a fancy for color, lighting, beauty and its fancy. The owner said: As a traditional Chinese, I want to combine traditional Chinese style with modern aesthetics. According to the needs of the owner, the designer subtly integrates the extraordinary charm of ancient Chinese culture with modern oriental life. The colors are harmonious and the scenery blends with each other. The green branches outside the living room, the Song Ci calligraphy and paintings behind the island in the dining room, the design of the study is simple and old-fashioned, and the steady walnut color makes the whole space quiet and peaceful. The beauty of Song Ci lies in its artistic conception. The master bedroom is beautiful with colors, Zen is expressed with flowers, and the heart is long in fragrant poetry. The color of the second bedroom is clear and elegant, and the gentle white and gray embrace every detail in the space.

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