IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

La Terrasse

by Haowei Tang

Project Description

This is a fusion restaurant project located in Wuhu, China .The space incorporates original walls and minimalist decorations, adding an elegant atmosphere and a sense of nostalgia. Soft warm lighting and vintage fixtures enhance the warmth and retro charm, while the warmth of wood and the aged leather soften the hardness of concrete, creating a more relaxed and leisurely ambiance. The combination of different materials on the wall adds depth, with a simple yet sophisticated style, revealing the beauty of time-worn elegance.
Swirling the liquor in the glass, you experience the romance and passion of life. Gentle sunlight streams through slanted windows, casting light and shadow, capturing the beauty of all seasons. Natural materials and soft, delicate tones create an elegant and serene aesthetic space, blending charm with tranquility, rusticity with nature.

Haowei Tang

Haowei Tang , the principal of Chingyeh   Architects, upholds the concept of providing residents and businesses with spaces filled with freedom, vitality, and vitality. Designing with an unlimited number of variables, the practical and feasible design solutions allow each homeowner to independently and variably find their "freedom," creating infinite possibilities for life within limited space.

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