IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo


by Shine Meditation Health Tech(Hangzhou)Co., Ltd

Project Description

This is a series of designs of pots. The biggest difference from traditional pots is the addition of curved attachments on the sides of woks and frying pans, which are used for temporary placement of ingredients. Those who are good at cooking know that many ingredients need to be cooked separately before being mixed in the production process. Therefore, we can pre-place spare ingredients on a slightly elevated accessory form and easily pull them into the pot when needed. The design of this shape is reasonable, and even if the lid is closed, it does not affect Project the air tightness inside the pot.

Shine Meditation Health Tech(Hangzhou)Co., Ltd

"Shine Meditation", founded in 2017, is a brand of healthy life based on the future way of human survival. It includes two parts: home products with brand- new experience and meditation relief service. "Meditation" takes the worldrenowned furniture - Meditation seat as its core product, expanding a variety of categories, different styles of meditation peripheral product series. In the past, we focused on the basic use function of products. With the improvement of our understanding, we gradually found that the exploration of higher spiritual level of human beings will become an indispensable aspect of functional needs. Today, with the rapid development of society, people will have to face the mental pressure and physical overdraft brought by fast and efficient work. The continuous abundance of the external material world can no longer bring more happiness to people. So we turn to the inquiry into what is hidden in our heart. Where does real and beautiful happiness come from? In 2018, we launched the "Heart Life" campaign to the whole world, and began to build China's Oriental spiritual life culture, to stimulate people's physical potential by meditative lifestyle, and to build social collaboration and happiness perception of personal life!

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