IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Kunyu Jiuli

by Wei He

Projet Description

Design description: The house is just a space. You can imagine your home and imagine it as a kind of expectation. It is up to us to realize it perfectly. The realization will gradually become reality, showing the appearance of the home in your heart. This appearance is a transformation, letting romance In the meantime, who sculpted the pattern of water jets, quietly standing on the ground of the entrance, who is inlaid with hollow screens, attracting eyes to the space of the living room. You see, the gold line walks on the parapet, creating a graceful curve. You see, the white marble on the wall makes the exquisite furniture more eye-catching, and the symmetrical background design allows the elegant temperament to be staged in silence. The gorgeous chandelier seems to be rotating, and the romantic light spreads in the space. The circular Roman column makes the living room and dining room separate and transparent. In the connected space, bright light walks on the ground. The exquisitely decorated cabinets are waiting at the floor-to-ceiling windows like family members. The breakfast at the bar is matched with the desserts of the western kitchen. It is a greeting of happiness. The well-groomed dining table is here for family gatherings. Gorgeous and exquisite golden chandelier, bright light waiting for a better life at home.

Wei He
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