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International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

Nestled in the heart of Kaohsiung, an emerging residential and commercial area in Taiwan, this project offers a unique opportunity to experience the best of what the city has to offer. With a well-developed neighborhood and close proximity to the train station, it boasts unparalleled convenience and easy access to all major attractions. Beyond its contemporary aesthetic design, the overall architecture is a perfect example of the "Kaohsiung House Design" promoted by the local government, which prioritizes environmental sustainability, reflecting local self-awareness and promoting healthy living. The building's design is centered on light, ventilation, and greenery, creating an ideal symbiotic relationship with the environment. The public spaces are packed with new and diverse functional facilities, providing residents with a spacious, comfortable, convenient, and beautiful living experience. Whether you're looking for a place to call home or want to invest in local economic development and cultural exchanges, this project offers the perfect opportunity to achieve your goals.
The project comprises three buildings that are appropriately spaced to allow for multiple lighting and excellent ventilation for each building. The building's exterior is mainly made of gray and white three-dimensional frames combined with light blue staggered balconies, thus creating a contemporary and stylish architectural style. It is worth mentioning that the balconies on the standard floors follow the "Kaohsiung House Design," making them more spacious than the balconies of a regular residence. This extra space allows for more greenery, which in turn, creates a more refreshing atmosphere. Additionally, the building is retracted to leave a green belt, providing a spacious sitting area and increasing the overall green coverage.
The first floor of the building has been carefully designed to cater to the commercial needs of the local development. A total of 31 stores have been strategically allocated along the roadside to provide ample space for future commercial activities and to boost the local economy. Additionally, the building boasts of public facilities such as a reception hall, lounge, leisure game room, reading room, video room, gymnasium, and meeting room. These facilities have been thoughtfully designed to offer flexible and diversified spaces to meet the varied needs of different age groups. The interior design of the building is a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. The designers have used wood veneer, stone, and metal elements to create a unique and inviting space. The use of these materials gives the building a warm and welcoming feel, while the simple and restrained design style ensures that the space remains functional and practical. The delicate textures and humanistic feelings of the interior design are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits the building.
Upon entering the lobby, one will be greeted by a magnificent sight. The grandeur of the open spatial scale is amplified using marble flooring, creating a sense of honor and prestige. As you move towards the lounge, the warmth and texture of the space change as the wooden elements, rough stone, and metal accents are stacked upon one another, creating a modern and humanistic vibe that is inviting and comforting. The leisure playroom is not just any ordinary play area. Along with the common children's slide facilities, it boasts an array of additional playground equipment designed for adults, providing a fun and interactive space for parents and children to enjoy and bond. The large gym on the second floor is ingeniously designed to cater to basic fitness needs and provide a space for community residents to relax and socialize. The center island bar and audio-visual equipment add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the area, making it an ideal spot for residents to communicate and connect with one another.
The architectural design is a remarkable example of the "Kaohsiung House" green building design inculcated by the local government, which focuses on creating sustainable and eco-friendly living spaces. The design not only emphasizes the importance of open space but also provides ample landscaped balconies that offer a breathtaking view while also enhancing the quality of life. The primary objective of this design is to achieve four major environmental benefits, namely "Habitat Health," "Eco-Health," "Human-Centered Health," and "Planet Sustainability." By incorporating these elements, the design encourages self-awareness while promoting social progress and sustainable urban development.


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