IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Kunming West Hill Villa

by Cao Jianyue

Projet Description

Kunming Xishan Villa project is located in Taiping New Town Street, Anning City, Kunming City, next to Kunming Xishan Forest Park, which belongs to The Dianchi Lake resort area. The villa is positioned as a retirement vacation villa.
"Pick chrysanthemum under the east hedge, leisurely to see the South Mountain" this is the life style that the owner wants, the overall design is to provide for the aged, comfortable, humanized design concept, to present the new Oriental style.
"The journey of the mind should be a process from complexity to simplicity, from addition to subtraction." "The journey of the mind should be a process from complexity to simplicity, from addition to subtraction." Transparent reception area, double-deck empty living room space, huge French Windows to introduce a picture of the Western mountains. The transition wall is covered with vertical wooden strips that extend to the second floor without losing the rhythm of detail.
In sunny afternoon, natural light pours into sofa and carpet like dry landscape, jumping, caressing, slowly change into brilliant sunset, redefine the original neutral tone receiving area.
The dining room that runs through with receive a visitor area, open kitchen, the smallpox modelling in the middle and 8 people round table photograph echo. The criss-crossing art chandeliers set off an elegant and harmonious dining atmosphere.
Stair is like stereo verandas, be born before the window, with woodiness grille is adding illicit close sex at the same time filteredpoint-blank light, be like hidden if the sunshine that show becomes more have poetic feeling, one inch one inch silent fine count the elapse of time
Carry the load of sweet dream advocate lie, platform uses the wooden floor shop of shallow brown color, with the grain carpet of rice white formed delicate contrast, elegant and comfortable. The furniture that Chinese designs great master Lu Zhirong and woodiness bed back wall used woodiness grid element likewise, sending out downy breath.
In addition to the master bedroom, the other two bedrooms also implement the overall design style: or rice gray as the main color, with rounded natural furniture and chandeliers; Or wood veneer as the main tone, lined with a unique personality of dark gray braided grain wall cloth.
The three points of "quietness", "consideration" and "cultivation" are not only the taste of life, but also the taste of life.

Cao Jianyue

Shenzhen Zhongheng Architectural Decoration Design engineering Co., LTD. Design director, partner
Designer: Cao Jianyu
Areas of expertise: sales offices, model houses, clubs, villas, luxury and so on
Social Position:
Director of Shenzhen Interior Design Association
International registered senior interior designer
Education Experience:
Changsha University of Science and Technology interior Design major
Main Work Experience:
Senior interior designer of Hong Kong Leung Chi-tian Designers Co., LTD. (Hong Kong),
Design Director of Shangce Interior Design Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., LTD.
Now he is the partner/design director of Shenzhen Zhongheng Architectural Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD

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