IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Kimberley diamonds of pingxiang in jiangxi

by Jie Hu

Projet Description

Based on the positioning of the store's main wedding ring, this design hopes to design a sweet and warm experience and yearning for the wedding in terms of function layout and style and tone.
The store is divided into three spaces in terms of space based on consumer shopping behavior and psychological research.
The first space arouses the curiosity of consumers to explore with rich product display. The wall cabinets on both sides are clean and concise, which are used to display classic models all year round. The four independent new product booths in the middle, echoing the unique vault design of the ceiling and flashing chandeliers make it a unique corridor for consumers to enjoy.
The second space uses a semicircular enclosed space to create a spatial climax, and the circular altar showcase in the middle displays wedding ring boutiques. The light falling above it embellishes the space most dazzlingly, giving consumers a visual and psychological impact.
The third space appears on the right hand side at this time. The bar in the center can provide customers with drinks when they are exhausted from shopping, and attract customers to this VIP area to rest, try on, negotiate, and visit customized products.
The overall style design follows the smooth space layout step by step, creating a generally pleasant atmosphere for weddings. The warm colors make the entire jewelry store wrapped in a sweet smell, and the soft wood and lines give it a sense of affinity that is thousands of miles away. The high-quality brass details and ball lights make the space look high-end and full of surprises.

Jie Hu
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