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International Design Pioneer Award



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2002 Graduated from Department of Architecture, College of Science and Engineering, Nihon University Joined Frame Co., Ltd. in 2005 2004- Experienced as a lecturer and counselor, such as explaining in easy-to-understand terms various concerns and questions regarding the earthquake resistance of buildings in Japan, a country prone to earthquakes.
Cooperated in dissemination of technology for [government disaster prevention community development]. In 2007, the 400-year-old former Odawara magistrate's residence that was relocated to Setagaya Kannon was refurbished and utilized as a modern temple school. Since then, [town development led by residents] is also continuing.
KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2023 “Shortlist” Green Infrastructure Netowork Japan 2024 “GRAND PRIZE” Taking advantage of the [method of consensus building] cultivated in these activities, we value sharing designs and opinions with clients in an easy-to-understand manner, and we are working not only on residential design, but also on commercial and welfare space design.
I am involved in a lot of “design for living” and “sustainable design”.
In designing
I feel that the barriers between “housing and commercial facilities” and “architecture and interior” are disappearing, and there is a need for fusion.
The inevitably universal “form” of a house, and the “form” of enjoying moments like a commercial space A nostalgic “space” like a house and a “space” where you can feel the future like a commercial space Personal “design” like a house and populist “design” like a commercial space I am designing with the theme of "hybridization" of them.
In recent years, I have been collaborating with a team in China to undertake “housing projects” and “dental clinic projects” for general residents in Anhui, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc. in China.

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