IDPA Japan Design Award

Jucheng Yunjin Sales Center

by ZOE Interior Design Consulants Co.,LTD.

Projet Description

Design description: Enclose the feelings of the oriental mansion. Centering on the waterscape, plants and humanity, the waterscape extends into the building, perfectly combining the waterscape with the building, and perfectly connecting the outdoor and indoor. Freehand Eastern philosophy in space, fusion of traditional culture in atmosphere, and feel the collision of modernity and classicism.
Through the combination of wood and plants on the wall stone, the interior creates a fresh and Zen atmosphere. The use of a large area of glass exterior wall introduces sunlight into the room and impresses the waterscape outside the window. To achieve the complementarity of outdoor and indoor.
On the second floor, the waterscape and welcoming pine are used as the visual center. The negotiation sitting area is located by the window, so that the visiting customers are always in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

ZOE Interior Design Consulants Co.,LTD.
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