IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jiu Ju


Projet Description

Project Name: Jiu Ju
Location: 1 Huaihai Road, Shanghai
Project Area: 300㎡
Design Agency: Heshu Design
Designer: Pinmeng Zheng
Design Time: July 2021
Opening Time: October 2021
The project is located in Shanghai. It is an innovative Chinese-style fusion barbecue restaurant. The store is located at center of the second floor,after the escalator. Although the exhibition area is large, the original structure is very irregular
Design concept
Shanghai-style culture is inclusive, especially in terms of food, and it is more able to accept new dining methods and environments
The design of the entire restaurant continues the previous theme, “Exploring the unknown & Refused to be defined ”.
In the Paleolithic Age, the ancestors on the East Asian continent began to use fire, and barbecue is the earliest meat-eating method since they learned to use fire, is also likely to be the most commonly used cooking if the end of the world comes. So we move the time dimension to the future; Without setting a specific location or design style, we just create two areas of "the barren wasteland planet" and the "reconstruction area with a very futuristic sense", let the space speak for itself. All we want, is to create a perceivable and memorable dining scene.
Back to the essence, it is difficult for any catering space design to get rid of functional attributes. Extremely irregular original structure / huge load-bearing columns at the entrance / rigid windows are the original conditions that cannot be changed. We redraw the formal language of space by looking for lines with tension in the alien space; Break the ice, break the boundaries, be undefined and unique.
Using the drop of the ground, double entrances were set up to disperse the flow of people. Since the load-bearing column at the door cannot be removed, it can be directly renovated as the visual center. The radial-shaped waiting area protruding outwards is a multi-space innovation that interprets the extension of business and consumption experience. And the current Internet buzzword"tick off" also came out. From seeing, walking in, and sitting down, everything that happens is the brand's story.


HESHU relies on years of rich experience in catering space design and brand design. With strong insight into the industry, HESHU developed into a set of "brand strategy", "brand visual design (VI)", "brand space design", "brand chain copy space standardization (SI)" as one of the whole case of catering services consulting agency.
In constant design practice and market, HESHU formed its own unique market angle and the design train of thought. With accurate, high quality and stable creative output and commercial design, the brand is endowed with more commercial competitiveness.
So far, HESHU has served customers in more than 80 cities and has built more than 200 catering brands. Landing more than 2,000 stores, implementation service area of more than 100,000 square meters.

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