IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jintang Shengyan Guangzhou Xintang Dongjin Square Store

by Eric.YE

Project Description

Project Address | Guangdong · Guangzhou · Xintang;
Project Mode | Full Case Design and Construction Project;
Area | 28,000 square meters design cycle | 5 months;
Construction cycle | 4.5 months;
58 exquisite private banquet rooms, 4 luxury banquet halls;
1. Outdoor private sky garden, intelligent central control system, one terminal to realize lighting, audio and video gradient scene switching; 2. Columnless design is equipped with tens of millions of beautiful lights, linear array audio, LED illusion large screen;
3. Cover one-stop comprehensive services for wedding banquet holding, business banquet and wedding planning;
4. The lobby design is like a phoenix spreading its wings and breaking through the sky. The strong visual impact leads to the central Sunshine Avenue.
5. Ceiling lighting and flooring partially adopt a design in the name of flowers to extend the visual tension of the design while maintaining the carnival experience of space.
6. Hall-level space structure, ingenious engineering quality, inclusiveness, functionality and comfort are all-round and customizable.


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