IDPA Japan Design Award

Into the Heart

by Harmony Construction Limited Company

Project Description

This interior design project is a sales center for property development. The interior includes a reception counter, negotiation area, VIP room, model room display area, and staff lounge. To erase the cold impression of the typical sales center, the designer has delicately used warm and pure colors and materials, combined with the human touch designs to create a comfortable and pleasant commercial space to guide the visitors and potential clients to build a picture of a beautiful future residence.
Inside, marble panels with a rough surface in gray stone are presented on the wall, and the warm woods create a rustic and simple tone, which is welcoming and refreshing. As moving inward, one will realize that the designer uses curved elements to introduce into the space, which eliminates the cold and hard feeling of the carriers and makes the visual experience soft and smooth. On the other hand, the warm yellow light polishes the space, giving the guests a warm and friendly atmosphere. Through the designer's clever idea, marble panels with a rough surface in gray stone are used to decorate the structure of the beams, providing the space with a sense of lightness. Moreover, a quiet and beautiful scene is woven under the mutual description of stone and wood, looking lowkey yet gorgeous. Moving slowly to the meeting and discussion area, the sliding glass doors are separated by a long rainbow, and the light-permeable feature makes the visual experience spacious and bright while retaining the privacy of the interior space.
The designer carefully plans the interior to create an immersive movement arrangement, using natural texture materials and warm yellow lighting to build a harmonious relationship between people and the environment. The warm and comfortable atmosphere is created by the warm colors and textures, offering guests an intuitive and beautiful experience.
For this project, the designer uses a large amount of wood and stone-patterned panels as the raw material for building materials, reducing the use and production of steel and concrete, indirectly reducing carbon emissions during the construction period and effectively slowing down the global warming effect. Besides, using organic and non-toxic green building materials avoids harmful substances in the air and contributes to environmental protection. It realizes four major environmental protection aspects: healthy living, ecological health, human health, and global sustainability. The environmentally friendly paint has moisture absorption, deodorization, moisture resistance, and air purification, so the interior space will always maintain fresh and pleasant air quality.

Harmony Construction Limited Company

Through the harmony and beauty of architecture, we have refined the details of architecture with professional craftsmanship, spatial scale, movement, building materials, construction and taste. The firm originates from the first cooperation case "Zhongshan Jianmei" with Yonglong Aluminum. The two parties have a beautiful origin because of the bonding of land and the mutual appreciation of ideas. In the future, our project will be based on the beliefs of the family's forefathers to pass on the story of human feelings and the land, hoping to remember this beauty with the building and continue the legacy and the of family duty.

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