IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Inner world


Projet Description

The designer Francis Jourdan once said that "we can create a luxurious home by removing inappropriate furniture." Keep the most authentic and pure parts of life, express the desire for simple and comfortable life.
The space is minimalist and endowed with inner restraint. Just like the expression of the master's temperament, it gives the energy given by the years, generous and decent. Living freely is not only trying to survive, but also understanding the philosophy of life while enjoying life. Combining the space with the needs of the wall's shape and function, the storage function is solved by using the half-reserved and half-exposed method, which can be used as wall decoration, but also can reasonably enlarge the practicality of space. And the storage pattern is classified and designed through reasonable life logic, and applied to the setting of life scenes.
In terms of spatial color, gray is a soothing color. It is not as white, as straight and open, and it is not as mysterious as black, which makes people impenetrable. The designer uses gray as the main tone of the choice of furniture fabrics, combined with the delicate texture of the logs, to express harmony, tranquility, calmness and elegance.

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