IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

IF bar

by Yiwei Cai

Projet Description

The theme of this case is developed around a cocktail belt. This wine belt is a bar counter more than ten meters long. The geometric shapes are stacked with translucent jade, and a variety of variable colors are set inside, with blue as the main color, and red, white, and yellow as the auxiliary colors, which can be adjusted in various time periods. Fully show the cocktail bar, cocktail theme. The surroundings of the bar are made of irregular geometric three-dimensional shapes composed of stainless steel and black mirrors. Sometimes the inlaid line lights give the whole bar a somewhat mysterious sense of the future. The façade of this case incorporates the blood of IF. The large IF-shaped LED display on the entire facade is clearly visible at night. The dynamic elements played on the display make the whole bar come to life.

Yiwei Cai
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