IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

[An empty and spiritual aesthetic hall]
Seeking inner retreat and following the natural realm of harmony, Observing the Pure, Leisure, and Relaxed Tranquility of the Mind from a Centripetal Perspective.
[Ridge] Vestibule
Unlike conventional commercial forms, a height of 6 meters is very rare in mainstream shopping environments, Imitate the overlapping and staggered curve lines of mountain ridges, with a strong sense of form and a combination of composition techniques.
While digesting the pipeline equipment on both sides of the original ceiling. Make every effort to release the sensory energy contained in the vertical arch space.
[Primitive Forest]
The design team attempts to build a "primitive forest" to stimulate visitors' physical and sensory responses.
Furthermore, shaping an immersive and interactive medical aesthetic space experience.
[Jungle] Reception Hall
Entering the reception hall, tracing the reverence for nature and the formation of religious consciousness.
The arched columns of the array blend grandeur and delicacy together. The arched lines of the hyperbolic surface extend to infinity, and light pours down from the top surface. The towering pillar also gives rise to a sense of sublimity.
Opened up a meditation space at the end of a circular central axis. A spiritual palace full of self-awareness and independent beliefs. The layered circular staircase theater design meets various usage needs. The Art Gathering Space.
[Dark Path] Treatment area
The medical beauty treatment area is divided by two moving lines, Access to 7 VIP rooms and 15 regular treatment rooms respectively. Ensuring the privacy and comfort of customers during medical beauty treatment.


LUMENIS It was founded in Silicon Valley in 1966,Developed and manufactured The world's first ophthalmic laser device、The first surgical laser equipment、The first beauty photon rejuvenation device and the first medical high-power pulsed light device...... Having the world's top user research and development system and innovative capabilities, he is a pioneer in the field of optoelectronics.

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