IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Huangshan huizhou cultural park

by Fengbo Wang

Projet Description

Design positioning: Taking the ancient Huizhou culture as the foundation, combining the ancient houses of Huizhou architecture and the new-style villa architecture, to create a "cultural mansion" with the traditional Chinese auspicious culture as the connotation and fully representing the project positioning and product characteristics of the "Huizhou Cultural Park"! Attract high-end target customers who have a strong interest in traditional Chinese culture, prompt visitors to have a desire to collect, and finally achieve a smooth sale! The final appearance of the "New Works of Ancient House" products is dominated by the strong Huizhou cultural symbols and the traditional Chinese auspicious culture as the core. Customized family heritage villas that not only reflect the nobleness and rareness of Huizhou ancient houses, but also meet the living needs of modern high-end villas. In the planning, landscape, architecture and interior, it not only reflects the preciousness and rarity of the five thousand-year-old Chinese cultural “Dragon Ball”, but also pursues the concept of “harmony between man and nature” of artificial architecture and natural environment.

Fengbo Wang
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